Acupuncture has been used as a therapeutic treatment option for thousands and thousands of years and originated in China. “Acu” means “needle” and “puncture” means “to puncture”. According to the Chinese, the body is composed of several pathways called ‘meridians’ along which energy flows. Also along these pathways are acupuncture points that can be ‘stimulated’ when there is an interruption in the energy flow. Energy flows are interrupted or ‘unbalanced’ when disease is present. Stimulating the acupuncture points with needles can result in ‘restoration’ of the energy flow and improved or cured health problems.

There are several indications for the use of acupuncture including, musculoskeletal problems, reproductive problems, neurological problems, gastrointestinal problems and as a method to hasten post surgical recovery. Acupuncture is used in conjunction with traditional medicine and surgery to improve outcomes.

To determine if your pet’s condition(s) may be responsive to this modality of treatment, please set up an examination with one of our veterinarians.